Fair Value Guides

Please find below links to our step-by-step tutorials:

1. Introduction to Valuation

2. Business Valuation Overview

2.1 Preparation of the Financial Projections and Determining Assumptions

2.2 Discounted Cash Flow Approach

2.3 Market Approach

2.4 Asset Based / Cost Approach (Coming Soon)

3. Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

4. Purchase Price Allocation / Intangible Assets (Coming Soon)

5. Impairment Assessment

5.1 Goodwill Impairment Assessment

5.2 Fixed Asset Impairment (Coming Soon)

6. Financial Instruments

6.1 Employee Share Options (ESOP’S)

6.2 Preference Shares (Coming Soon)

7. Real Estate (Coming Soon)

8. Valuation industry exposed (Coming Soon)

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