Quality of work:

We are CFA’s & CPA’s from the valuation practice of Big 4 accounting firms.

Hence, the quality of our work is similar to what you would get from a Big 4.


However, our price is among the lowest in the market.

We are able to do that because we work remotely hence avoid unnecessary overheads.

Furthermore, we have streamlined and cut unnecessary procedures so you will only get what is required.

Lastly, we have a very transparent pricing system. You can find the cost of each type of the valuation here.

Our fees are fixed before the start of the engagement so there will be no additional add-on expenses (unless you request).


We have committed to a timeline which gives you a draft valuation report within 7-days from receiving all the information required.

In contrast, other firms will take weeks to complete a valuation exercise.

Fair Value Academy was formed by a group of ex-Big 4 Managers from the valuation practice.

They all have CFA and CPA qualifications. Some also have FRM, AFM and MBA qualifications.

Combined, we have over 20 years of experience in the field and have handled valuation exercises of various scale and multiple industries.

Please refer to this page for a walkthrough on the whole process when using Fair Value Academy.

If the required information is provided, we will provide the first draft valuation report in one week.

When our work requires using public market data, we generally make use of the following data service providers as our primary sources of data :

  1. S&P Capital IQ, and
  2. Bloomberg

We also make reference to Information published by governments and reputable research institutes when necessary.

Drop us a text on Whatsapp +852 9473 0995 to arrange a call or Send us an email by filling out the form below with a brief description of the situation.

We will be in touch shortly to guide you through it.

All purchases include answering one round of auditor questions.

Extra fee is required for answering additional rounds of questions ($50 per question list). So it is suggested to group all questions in one go.

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